Edamame    $4.95

lightly boiled and salted soybeans

Ama Ebi    $3.95

2 pieces of sweet deep fried shrimp

Gyoza    $5.95

6 pieces of fried or steamed dumplings

Harumaki    $3.95

2 pieces of spring roll

Agedashi Tofu    $5.95

8 pieces of deep fried tofu

Chicken Finger    $5.95

5 pieces of chicken tenders

Fried Soft Shell Crab    $6.95

deep fried soft shell crab

Chicken Katsu    $5.95

crispy fried chicken

Tonkatsu    $5.95

crispy fried pork chop

Vegetable Tempura    $5.95

6 pieces of deep fried vegetables w/ tempura sauce

Shrimp Tempura    $6.95

5 pieces of deep fried shrimp w/ tempura sauce

Ebi & Vegetable Tempura    $6.95

3 pieces of shrimp and 5 pieces of vegetables

Sushi Appetizer    $6.50

4 pieces of sushi (chef's choice)

Sashimi Appetizer    $7.95

6 pieces of sashimi (chef's choice)





Chicken Finger